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Ashore (2011)

Apples ( 2007)

Always boxed set (2005)

At the Wood's Heart (2005)

An  Echo of Hooves (2003)

Short biography


  J u n e   T a b o r

C o n c e r t s  2 0 1 8

Friday 16th February 2018 @ 7.45pm



Howard Assembly Room, 46 New Briggate, Leeds  LS1 6NU


Saturday 17th February 2018 @ 7pm



Concert Hall, School of Music, Corbett Road, Cardiff  CF10 3EB


The two above are currently June's only 2018 concerts. There are likely to be one or two more, which will appear here if and when they materialise!

A new Quercus CD - Nightfall - is out on ECM Records (April 2017)

for information....


"a wealth of quiet surprises" The Guardian

"restrained but exultant lyricism" Songlines

Quercus' first album, released by ECM in 2013

"It was a treat to see and hear the special chemistry at play between Tabor, Warren and Ballamy and to feel the deep-rooted empathy that translated into music that was sincere, touching and meaningful." All About Jazz     (concert review 2014)