Charlie Beresford, vocals, acoustic guitar Painter turned composer Charlie Beresford is a riveting guitarist and highly accomplished singer. With a style that is restless, strong and subtle his dark edgy, beautiful music, born from improvisation, gets right under your skin. In places his music has been described as Michael Nyman at war with the Velvet Underground with Steve Reich providing the first aid. Challenging and soothing, it is always looking beyond the expected. His guitar technique draws from all styles of playing from banjo to flamenco as well as using the instrument to mimic everything from church bells to traffic. His live shows are filled with unpredictable fire.

Over the last 4 years Charlie has recorded 3 albums, "Smiles and Fists", "505", and the latest "The Room is Empty". Working with artists such as June Tabor his career has seen him work in most genres of music from classical to heavy metal and jazz to folk both as a recording engineer/producer and musician. As well as his work receiving airplay globally he has also written music for television and independent films.

Since 2002 both Charlie and Mark Emerson have been working in a duo playing live throughout the UK.

The Story so far........

In 2001 Charlie finally managed to release 'Smiles and Fists' (BRBECD001) an album that was meant to have been released 3 years earlier but backers pulled out towards the end of recording leaving a large bill and a big need for Anadin. The album included performances by long standing partner in crime at that time, John Goodband, on drums. Also a great double bass player called Malcolm Mellen.

Towards the end of that year he met up with guitar maker Michael Ritchie and in that instant Charlie knew he had found a maker who understood his playing and provided him with the tools with which he could push his unique finger picking style even further.

2002 saw a meeting of minds with Mark Emerson of June Tabor,and 1651 fame. Initially they got together for fun but soon realised there was something special happening within the music they were playing. This experiment culminated in the duo based album '505' (BRBECD002) where Mark added a new dimension with viola, violin, and piano. Much of the album was recorded live at the Lion ballroom in Leominster a unique room with a dream like sound.

Both Charlie and Mark had a healthy scepticism about the whole project, but after a couple of radio sessions, air play in America, France, and on shows like Late Junction, a series of concerts throughout the UK ensued and continue to do so.

"Extraordinary, magical, at times terrifying......and quite, quite brilliant." June Tabor

" thank heavens there's music like this which puts your head back where it should be....Truly beautiful" Fiona Talkington Late Junction Radio 3

Charlie's latest project 'The Room is Empty' (BRBECD003) is due to be released in June of this year, and sees a much more sculpted approach to his work. The album cotains songs that are like mini film scores with the lyrics providing the images on the screen.

"I have always wanted to bridge the gap between myself the painter, and myself the musician. This time I think it's actually been achieved." Charlie Beresford 2005

The album features as well as Mark Emerson on violin, viola, and accordion, Tim Harries on double bass and Rosie Green on backing vocals. See the CDs page for track listings and mp3 samples

.Mark Emerson, violin, viola, accordion, piano He has worked with various ensembles developing and performing traditional-related music, and has experience of theatre, having worked for both RSC and RNT and led a show orchestra in London's West End. He is particularly associated with the innovative group Pyewackett and also with the Mellstock Band. Together with pianist Huw Warren he has for the last eleven years worked closely alongside singer June Tabor. In 2000 he founded the ensemble 1651.

Tim Harries, double bass Over the past 23 years, this cliché-avoiding, dark-toned bassist has recorded with Brian Eno, David Sylvian, June Tabor, Katie Melua, Steeleye Span, Bill Bruford and many others.

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