MUSIC - RELATED....   :  the excellent studio (inc. recording engineer/owner Martin Levan) where June's two most recent albums, Ashore and Apples, were recorded. :   June's long-serving piano accompanist, the prolific composer/pianist Huw Warren.  :   Andy Cutting plays on most of June's more recent recordings, and has now released an album of his own. A superb musician and tune-writer. - Les Barker's site. Les wrote Sudden Waves (Angel Tiger), The Turn of the Road (Against the Streams), Across the Wide Ocean (Ashore) -  Bill Caddick wrote Aqaba (Aqaba), The Writing of Tipperary (A Quiet Eye), The Cloud Factory (At The Wood's Heart)..... :  Walking and writing. Christopher Somerville wrote  Send Us A Quiet Night  (Apples) : Maggie Holland wrote A Place Called England (A Quiet Eye) and A Proper Sort of Gardener (Aleyn)

BOOKS....,,1000020169,00.html :  Lyn MacDonald's books on the First World War.   : For one or two of June's 'Sea' concerts, Tim Dee's book The Running Sky provided an extract describing the arrival of the Autumn migrants over Fair Isle, which segued into the Ronnie Jamieson setting of Jack Renwick's poem 'Winter Comes In' (which is on ASHORE). The Running Sky is a beautifully written book, rich with 40 years experience of sharing the planet with birds. It is most highly recommended (and is now available in paperback as well as hardback)

FOOD.... : Denis Cotter's amazing vegetarian restaurant in Cork - and his brilliant food books. : Falko - a very highly recommended Konditormeister in Edinburgh : if you're interested in breadmaking, particularly sourdough, read Dan Lepard.

FOR GARDENERS.... : Flower bulbs from Avon Bulbs- a stunning catalogue


www.heavyhorses.netDoug Joiner's horses working in woodland (see also : Gudrun Leitz' courses and beautiful sculptural furniture :  In Flanders Fields - a unique museum of the First World War, in Ieper, Belgium.