To listen to part of a track from one of June Tabor's most recent albums, click on a song title.

Samples from  'ASHORE'  Topic records tscd 577 released February 2011

Grey Funnel Line                                         Cyril Tawney

Le 25ème d'Octobre                            traditional

Bleacher lassie                                             traditional   

Across The Wide Ocean                            Les Barker

The Oggie Man                                           Cyril Tawney

Finisterre                                                       Ian Telfer

The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry                 traditional


Samples from  'APPLES'   Topic records tcsd 568 released March 2007

Speak Easy                                                  R. Burns/H. Macmillan

Ce Fu En Mai                                              anon.

The Old Garden Gate                                 traditional

The Auld Beggarman                                traditional

Standing In Line                                         Lester Simpson

My Love Came To Dublin                        Patrick Galvin

Send Us A Quiet Night                             Christopher Somerville

The Dancing                                               Jim Russell & Andy Shanks


Samples from  'AT THE WOOD'S HEART '   Topic records tscd 557 released October 2005

The Banks Of The Sweet Primeroses     traditional

Now Welcome Summer                            G. Chaucer/anon.

The Cloud Factory                                    Bill Caddick

She's Like The Swallow                            traditional


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